Sales Activity vs Sales Productivity

So your sales team is busy, but busy with what?

11/1/20232 min read

man in red jacket sitting beside woman in black and white long sleeve shirt
man in red jacket sitting beside woman in black and white long sleeve shirt

πŸš€ Maximizing Sales Efficiency: Are Your Sellers Truly Focused on Selling? πŸ“ˆ

It's time to take a closer look at what your sales team is really up to. The hustle and bustle in your sales department may seem promising, but are they truly focused on driving revenue, or are they getting bogged down with non-productive tasks and unrelated activities?

πŸ“‰ Productive vs. Non-Productive:

As sales professionals, your team's core duty is to engage with prospects and clients, nurturing relationships and closing deals. However, all too often, they find themselves entangled in administrative work, data entry, or other tasks that do little to drive sales. It is important to analyse which tasks are value adding in the sales process resulting in more revenue, and which detract from it.

πŸ’‘ Automation Opportunities:

Many of these non-sales-related activities can be easily automated, freeing up your sellers to concentrate on what truly matters. From lead management to email outreach, streamlining these processes can significantly enhance productivity. There are many tools available in the market to help with automation and advances in AI will allow for more automation and continues improvements.

πŸ”„ Refining the Sales Process:

It's crucial to revisit and refine your sales process periodically. Eliminating redundancies, fine-tuning strategies, and optimizing the workflow can make a world of difference in how efficiently your team operates. The sales process should be looked at from both the sales effectiveness and the buyer journey perspectives. It is important to analyse which steps enhance sales outcomes, such as conversion rates, sales cycles and cost of sale.

🌍 Outsourcing and Offshoring:

Consider the tasks that, while important, don't require an on-site presence. Functions like data research, lead generation, or even parts of customer support can be outsourced or offshored to reduce the workload on your sellers. This allows them to focus on high-value activities. Teams that take those tasks on should always be seen as part of the sales efforts and form an integral part of the sales organisation. This does not require reporting lines, but great communication, training and advancement opportunities.

⏳ Time with Prospects and Clients:

Ultimately, the more time your sales team spends engaging with prospects and existing clients, the more sales they can drive. Creating an environment where they have the capacity to build relationships, understand client needs, and close deals is paramount. Therefore sales KPIs should focus on those effective time spend with prospects and clients. Every KPI should be outcome focused and not managed in isolation.

🀝 Leveraging Expertise:

To achieve these improvements, it may be worthwhile to leverage the experience and insights of a reputable sales consultant firm, such as Alpha BGS Commercial. Alpha BGS Commercial has a proven track record in enhancing sales team efficiency and effectiveness. Their expertise can provide invaluable guidance on optimizing your sales operations.

External training and coaching should also be a consideration, as they have proven highly effective to drive productivity gains and positive impacts on sales results.

πŸ“Š Higher Sales Results:

By re-evaluating your team's daily activities, identifying areas for automation, refining the sales process, and strategically outsourcing or offshoring non-core tasks, and with the insights from industry experts like Alpha BGS Commercial, you can empower your sellers to achieve higher sales results.

Stay tuned for valuable insights on transforming "busyness" into sales excellence!

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